About Us

Barrow Hill Memorial Hall is owned and managed by  the Trustees of Barrow Hill Community Trust on behalf of the community.  

The Charity was set up to create a multi-purpose community centre in the Memorial Hall and give the building a new lease of life for the next generation. The primary purpose of the Charity  is to provide community facilities at the Memorial Hall for the benefit of people in Barrow Hill, Hollingwood and the surrounding area. 

Our Vision is to provide local people with a community building they can be proud of.

Our Mission is to provide a multi-purpose hub for the community where people work together to deliver activities.

We aim to:

Our values inform the way we strive to work and include shared goals and regular communications between partners, openness, equality and trust

Barrow Hill Community Trust operates with a sub-group structure whereby a small group of people are assigned to focus on a particular task such as Finance and Building Design. Each group includes specialist advisers, representatives of partner organisations, residents and at least one trustee who reports group recommendations to the Board of Trustees for decision.